the title is a reference to the complementary "vice" and "virtue" of the enneagram* type four.

how to play: use wasd or arrow keys (or on mobile, swipe) to move and interact 

notes on development:

*(the enneagram is like. "what if we categorized people's personalities based on their greatest vulnerability instead of whether or not they work out at the library" and so now a bunch of christians say things like "i'm a type 8" when normal people would just say "i'm a scorpio." yes i'm obsessed with it anyway don't @ me.)


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Very touching story, really appropriate for the theme and to see all the "steps" of the journey was really fun. Super good entry :) Rated!


I'm trying really hard to learn to love myself tbh.

Thank you so much for this wonderful bitsy.


Absolutly beautiful, thank you ♥

thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it 😊